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YARRA TEXTILES Women's Beautiful Large Jute & Cotton Bag with beautiful tassels & Zip | Beach Bag | Shopping Bags | Bag for Picnic, Shopping, Beach, and Day-to-Day Use. Handbag with cute tassels eco-friendly, carriable, and very elegant for your look.

Regarding this item :

Uses: This exquisite bag is capable of being used as a party bag, shopping bag, tote bag, handbag for a picnic, return gift bag, and even more. All you need to have is an Exceptional Experience. Spacious, lightweight, and durable bag. The wicker handbag is compact and handy, making it suitable for use as a carry-on, beach bag, office bag, camping bag, travel bag, tea-party bag, and more. The craft canvas bag can be utilized in a variety of settings, including the beach, on the road, during shipping, at work, while attending school, at the pool, and more. Food items can be carried within the bags as well. Its exquisite design makes it appear much more charming and sophisticated. 

EASY TO ORGANISE: The sling bag's main section is closed with a zipper.  Your valuable essentials, such as your wallet and credit cards, should be kept securely in the zippered compartment. Your tiny items can be stored conveniently Your beach towels or clothes will be simple to pack.

Cotton Carry Handles & Material: The tote bags are made of Cotton, which has a natural fiber texture that is rich and robust and does not easily shrink. They also have good air permeability and can be used again because of their hessian construction. The handle is robust and stable while also being attractive due to the pleasant cotton handle design, which is also comfortable to the touch and does not tire the hand that occupies it. Numerous Uses Jute bags with handles can be used for a variety of things, including shopping, picnics, exercise, swimming, parties, and wedding favors. They also make excellent and practical portable storage bags. There are various sizes, and depending on your demands, you can pick to carry a little or a huge capacity.

Beautiful and elegant: They can withstand loads of delicacies and still look elegantly sturdy. Additionally, you can add a bandanna to the handles to complete the pattern on the bag to create a unique design for your special occasion.

Nice Workmanship: Because these canvas shopping bags are constructed of canvas, they are durable, strong enough to last a long time, resistant to wear and tear, hard to deform or break, and pleasant to the touch, making for a pleasant user experience; Kindly wash the bag before using it for the first time.

Convenient to Clean: Our cloth shopping bag is simple and convenient for you to use, saving time and energy. When it becomes filthy, you can wash it by hand and then dry it for the next time use.

Strong and Resilient Handles: Our tote bags are strong and reusable since they are made of 100% raw hessian (Jute) fabric. Soft handle straps are securely stitched to cotton tote bags using reinforced stitching, making them sturdy and pleasant. Plastic bag pollution can be reduced by using natural reusable bags.

Note: If you face any issues with our women’s jute bag report immediately and we offer a 100% refund policy as long as the product is unused. 


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