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YARRA TEXTILES Beautiful Round sling bag with two size handles| Shoulder bag | Rope cotton bag for dinner dates | Wicker handbag for parties | You can easily handle it all day with,  the comfortable Straps, which are lightweight but sturdy.

Regarding this item :

  • Environmentally friendly: Natural materials are frequently the best option when it comes to environmentally friendly items. These materials can readily be recycled or biodegraded once their useful lives are over because they are made from renewable resources. You may lessen your environmental impact while still enjoying high-quality, long-lasting, and attractive products by picking products made of natural materials.
  • BEST GIFTS: Christmas, Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, birthday parties, wedding parties, and as teacher appreciation gifts, mother of the groom gifts, bridal party gifts, the adorable tote bags make wonderful presents for women, brides, hostesses, mothers, and best friends. Additionally, this rope cotton sling bag features neat overlocking, and strong handles that are the right size for carrying on your shoulder or with your hands, and it won't put unnecessary strain on your shoulder.
  • Strong and Long-Lasting Handles: Our sling bags are reusable and made of 100% (cotton) fabric. Soft handle straps that are heavy durable and comfy are tightly stitched to cotton sling bags using reinforced stitching. Our ecology can be shielded from plastic bags by using natural reusable bags.
  • Uses: Stylish gift bags for guests, bridesmaid welcome bags at wedding hotels, bachelorette trip beach bags, and birthday party favor bags. ideal for giveaways at weddings. Looks elegant. They can withstand loads of delicacies and still look elegantly sturdy. Additionally, you can add a bandanna to the handles to complete the pattern or iron vinyl into the bag to create a unique design for your special occasion. Our fashionable bag can fit a variety of daily essentials, such as coin purses, makeup bags, wallets, and phones. Travel without worrying about losing your personal items, bring them to a party or use them every day.
  • VERSATILE SLING BAGS FOR WOMEN: This Sling bag is a wonderful gift for you or your loved ones and is the ideal accessory for carrying clothes, sandals, towels, swimsuits, sunglasses, water bottles, and snacks to the beach or pool. It is also great for use as a shopping bag, swim bag, gym bag, travel bag, weekend bag, etc.
  • Recognize your product: With this white women's sling handbag from YARRA TEXTILES, you can keep your belongings close to your hand while you're moving. It is made of high-quality cotton and will last for a very long period. This sling features pockets and compartments that can conveniently hold your valuables and an embroidered pattern. Your essentials are kept safe and secure with this beige sling's adjustable strap and zip clasp. For a fashionable look, pair it with your party attire.


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