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YARRA TEXTILES Beautiful Round sling bag for women in vibrant colors (Yellow/Blue handles) | Woven handbag for coffee meets | Shoulder sling bag for office | Cotton handbags for shopping | Sleek and lightweight to carry with two lovely colors.

Regarding the item :

Uses: For charm for an evening out, art shows, meeting up for coffee, college, work, the beach, and festivals, this latest trendy handbag is ideal. And don't forget to pack this bag for your weekend excursions and exotic island holidays. Perfect for college and travel, Whether you're heading to college or traveling, these fashionable bags will keep your necessities organized and handy. Mobile Phone Holder Pocket Purse Wallet Sling Bag Mini Shoulder Bags for Phones. Carrying the sling bag is comfy. You may also use this as a shoulder bag or a handbag.

EASY TO ORGANISE: The sling bag's main section is closed with a zipper.  Your valuable essentials, such as your wallet and credit cards, should be kept securely in the zippered compartment. Your tiny items can be stored conveniently Your beach towels or clothes will be simple to pack. It has room for a phone and other small items. suitable size for holding tiny objects like cosmetics, coins, key chains, earbuds, charging cords, credit cards, and other knickknacks. Its unique form makes it the perfect place to keep your lipstick, wallet, keys, cash, and credit cards. Widely used small hand purses for women are a practical style that works for practically every situation, including parties, the beach, raves, parks, and festivals. 

Material: The high-quality cotton fabric used to make our bags ensures their durability and long-term use. 

Awesome presents for loved ones: With our fashionable bag, you can surprise your loved ones. Perfect for every event, including birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Diwali.  

Use this bag with dresses to make a fashion statement with your ensemble. The bag depicts India's simplicity. This bag is not only classy but also an environmentally beneficial substitute for leather and plastic.
If your outfit of the day depicts you as being straight out of the 1990s, this bag is for you because it gives off an amazing vintage look. This bag will make you look like a beach babe and may be worn across the body while traveling or cycling.

With braided handles: The round handbag is handcrafted. To keep your living areas clutter-free, organize your possessions like books, files, toys, electronic devices, and similar stuff in a woven cotton shoulder bag. This wicker handbag is strong, durable, and environmentally friendly. Because this item is handmade and made of natural COTTON, there will inevitably be some subtle differences in color, texture, and size. But before being dispatched, we have made sure that every bag has passed stringent finish and quality checks.  

Care guidelines: Utilise a dry cloth to clean. Dust can be removed from crevices and corners by brushing. If the bag gets wet, dry it only for 30 to 40 minutes in the sun or with a fan.


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