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Yarra Textiles Jute / Cotton Placemats, Set of 4, Round 100% Natural Jute & Cotton | Wicker Placemats | 25 cm | Woven Placemats Circle Braided Farmhouse Boho Outdoor Placemats | Heat Resistant Placemats for patio tables

Regarding this item:

  • Heat Resistant: Thin 100% Natural Jute and Cotton Woven Placemats: "Heat Resistant Placemats" set. Natural, non-polluting, environmental protection.
  • Quality: Extra Wide Woven Placemats of the Highest Quality: These round woven placemats are expertly handcrafted and have a strong woven design. They also come with coasters. These lovely spherical placemats made of Jute are expertly crafted and sewed with a very tight weave of linen rope. Each of our tan/brown outdoor placemats has a gorgeous, multipurpose design and exudes farmhouse charm and a summer beach home vibe.
  • Delicate Decoration: Impress your guests with a lovely dining table centerpiece. Heat-resistant braided placemats will improve the aesthetics and comfort of your house. To preserve your kitchen dining table from stains and scratches, use straw round placemats to dampen the sound of cups and silverware. The high-end, better-home placemats are trendy and exquisite, and they may be used for a variety of items, including potted plants, cooking pots, plates, and cups.
  • Size: The size of the placemat is 25 cm in diameter. It is made of woven or braided jute. Rarely, the size may differ because it is made of hand-woven, natural Jute. heat-resistance woven placemats in the Boho style,
  • Care: Boho-woven placemats are exceptionally long-lasting, stain-free, and heat-resistant. You may wipe off indoor wicker outdoor placemats with a damp cloth, then wipe them dry or let them air dry. They are non-slip and easily cleaned.
  • Use: The circular rattan placemats in the "Multi-Purpose Hand Woven Placemats Set" can be used for everyday décor or festive events indoors or outdoors, as wall-hanging art, or as a gift. Garden party, Mother's Day, Christmas, Friendship Day, wedding, New Year's, birthday, Thanksgiving, etc. placemats. Round placemats made of sawgrass wicker go well with a variety of tables, including those made of metal, glass, marble, and wood. Boho round fringe placemats to make your kitchen, dining, and coffee tables more elegant.
  • Excellent After-sale Service: This set of placemats from Better Home is made of wicker and circles, making them ideal for dining tables and everyday decor. Please get in touch with us if you have any issues with the set of 6 farmhouse-style woven placemats from Yarra Textiles store so we can either send you a new set for free or issue a refund.


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