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YARRA TEXTILES Women's hand-knitted handbag | Eco-friendly, Jute boho, Spacious Tote Round Handbag, cotton bag, shopping bag, handbag for school, handbag for a picnic. [30 cm x 35 cm x 33 cm ] Beige-blue

Regarding the Item :

We present to you the multifunctional eco-friendly jute handbag made of superior jute. This jute bag is the ideal way to accessorize your hands when shopping or bringing lunch to the office. Jute shopping bags can be reused numerous times, so they are not disposed of after just one usage. You can use jute bags as carry bags or gift bags because they are really affordable but very fashionable. Jute bags are the best replacement for plastic carry bags in terms of cost and environmental impact.

Material: You won't be bound up if the straps (25 cm) are larger and thicker. The inner layers are sewn together to form the pure cotton inner layer.

Practical Structure & High-quality Material: The rope jute bag is constructed of high-density, 100% natural jute that is long-lasting and eco-friendly. The inside button lets the things stay and not fall out. A clear covering that is simple to clean covers the interior. Jute handle for the most comfortable grip possible. Heavy goods are more comfortable to carry when they have luxury handles. A simple, timeless design that is simple to match. The shopping bag appears clean and moody. 

Uses: The tote jute bag is foldable and lightweight, making it a wonderful bag for daily consumption, a carry bag, a beach bag, a picnic bag, a camping bag, a gift bag, or even for shopping. If you frequently fly, you'll need carry-on luggage that can accommodate your basics and withstand the strain of flight. A tote made of the durable canvas will work well because it is large enough to fit a laptop and is simple to put items in and take them out of as you are going through security. In order to have a secure spot to store your passport and other credentials. It functions admirably in both informal and formal contexts. They are timeless, regardless of whether you work in an office or are a student.

Stylish: You will feel at ease wearing it because of its creative and exquisite style, which works well with any clothing for every situation, including work, business, dating, daily, and travel.

Customer satisfaction: 98% of customers think the spacious tote bag is very affordable. Excellent in comparison to the other expensive bags. Beautiful and stylish, this present is the ideal one for wives, girlfriends, and ladies.

Warm Advice: Sincerely, the color and size of the item may differ slightly from the photograph due to lighting effects, monitor brightness, manual measuring, and other factors.



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